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last weekend my family and i took a trip down to texas and couldn't miss stoping at magnolia! it was absolutely amazing i loved every minute of it when we were there and can not wait to go back! between yummy food trucks and bakery items, coffee, and shopping it was every bit as wonderful as i imagined!

when i was there i tried about everything, the coffee was amazing, the gingerbread cookie pie desert was so delicious and the recipe is in the magnolia cook book so you can make it at home too! i also had the apple, caramel, chocolate, graham cracker nacho appetizer from a food truck and it was also really delicious! i couldn't leave without a couple souvenirs either so i got a really cute mug -- (the main entrance)-- and a candle that smells amazing!

when we went there was a little bit of construction but was still very easy to get around. theres no entry fee so if you wanted to you could just go and walk around the whole area for no cost, although there was fantastic shopping, i wanted everything! the layout of the space was easy to maneuver and there was plenty to do for everyone. so many cute picture spots, lots of shopping, gardening tips and tools, lots of yummy foods and treats, amazing coffee, lots of ares to hang out and a super cute baseball field for kids to play!

i cant wait to go again and would highly recommend making the trip!!

- xo tristyn

magnolia press coffee -->

<-- caramel, almond milk cold brew from magnolia press

delicious gingerbread cookie pie from the silos bakery -->

<-- silos bakery

the silos -->

<-- cute shopping center & beautiful old church

inside the church -->

<-- apple nacho appetizer from a food truck

the magnolia table food truck -->

(one of many delicious food trucks)

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